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Institute for Spiritual Development Meetup Calendar

Sunday Services are held the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Our unique Sunday Service is an interactive experience celebrating the Divine in our lives through healing, inspirational learning, guided meditation and Affirmation of Spirit. The services are centered on God’s most precious gifts to us and our greatest gifts to one another – Love and Understanding. We invite you to take the opportunity to express and experience a sense of the Infinite Presence within yourself in an atmosphere of love, friendship, understanding, and support.  Services start at 10:30 am.   The Service is followed by fellowship and hospitality. WELCOME HOME!


January 19th at 10:30 am (ISDTC Annual Convention)


February 2nd at 10:30 am

February 16th at 10:30 am

MARCH 2020

March 1, 2020            10:30 am

March 15, 2020         10:30 am

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Dates:               Thursdays, January 9, 16, and 23rd

Time:                6:30 – 8:30 pm

Instructor:       Rev. Z. Melinda Witter.

Location:         ISDTC is co-located at Spark of the Divine, 1789 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach, FL                                              32960.  Phone 772-404-1352      Registration:

Inspired Speech Description:

Back by popular demand with new activities and exercises! If you are interested in speaking before a group of people, this course greatly enhances your abilities to engage your audience with success. It will free you to speak with confidence from your own Heart, Mind and Spirit so that you may inspire and uplift your audience with any topic.  We will discuss how to use inspired speech for introductions, speeches and presentations, spontaneous prayers, briefings, and other public speaking that requires a rapid “on your feet” response.

The techniques and coaching you will receive will prepare you for any circumstance where you are called upon to deliver a clear and motivating message with positive and appropriate body language and a strong voice.

Cost and Contact:

$10 per session, $30 for three sessions:  ISDTC Members

$36 Prepaid three sessions: ISDTC Guests Full Course

$15 Drop in per session: For those unsure of their schedule!

Become an ISDTC Member or preregister and prepay for discounts.

Registration:  or call: 772-404-1352



The very popular Institute for Spiritual Development (ISD) Study Group platform combines individual home study with collective group study, discussions and exercises. The study group format appeals to the spiritual intellectual who enjoys self-study combined with lively group dialogues.

Study materials are sent out via email prior to the first class. Included in the email are the materials and study instructions in preparation to the first class. Participants are expected to print and organize their own materials. Home study and exercises are an important part of the Study Group Courses.

You Are On A Journey - Free to new ISDTC Members!!

ISDTC Course “You are On a Journey” is a combined self-study / Study Group that covers the basics of the Institute’s foundation and principles. The course explores metaphysics, spiritualism, the history of the Institute and the philosophy behind the Principles.

  1. Study Group for Chapter 1-3 TBA Spring 2020
  2. Study Group for Chapters 4-6 TBA Spring 2020

Location:  The Institute for Spiritual Development Treasure Coast, co-located with c/o Spark of the Divine, 1789 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach

Cost: Free for ISDTC Members as either a self-study or combined with the Study Groups. The course is open to non-members $35. Materials will be emailed to participants for prereading. Contact: for pre-registration.



Being of service to others through healing is important to the ISDTC community. All ISDTC Healers usually hold at least one certification, such as Advanced Reiki, or completion of programs such as Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) Healers Accreditation, in addition the ISDTC Healers Certificate. Individuals that complete all the ISDTC Healers courses and homework are qualified to apply as Certified Healers for the Institute for Spiritual Development Treasure Coast. Rev. Beth Franks is leading the Healing Committee and ISDTC Healers Certificate Program.

Healing Classes in the program can be taken by anyone who has an interest. The classes are not limited to the ISDTC Healing Certificate program. A full program schedule will be posted in the near future.

Classes will be hosted by Spark of the Divine and various instructors. Completion of the courses and certification meet the requirements for the ISDTC Healers Program.

Ethics in Energy Work

To Be Announced - 2020

Find out why we need ethical practices for lightworkers, healing facilitators, readers, etc. How you can raise your business to a higher standard. Learn what is ethical, it seems easy, common sense, but you will surprised how we slip up so easily. This class is a must for anyone studying future healing courses at Spark of Divine or The Institute For Spiritual Development Treasure Coast (ISDTC) which is a not for profit organization.  Investment is $20 if paid by Nov. 10th $25 if paid by Nov. 15th and $35 at the door.  Contact Beth Franks at 772-257-6499 for registration and more information.


The Laws of the Universe Workshop

The next Laws of the Universe Workshop will take place in 2020. 

Member Discount $75,  Friend of ISDTC $100

By now, you must have noticed the unmistakable order that is present in the Universe. This Order is in the stars and the seasons, and it is in all things — living or– inanimate. This Order is in our very Being. This “Universal Order” is actually sustained by a set of Laws — Laws that operate subtlety on every plane of expression. Humanity has always sought knowledge of, and power over, these “secrets of the Universe.”

The wisdom of ancient Egyptian philosopher Hermes Trismegistus defined and revealed those secrets, which are known as the “Laws of the Universe.” Understanding of these Laws, the philosopher believed, was the key to mastery over every life experience. The Kybalion, published in 1908, is said to be the definitive codification of Hermes Trismegistus’ key teaching about the Laws of the Universe, which are the foundation of ISDTC’s principles, and can be found as part of just about every religion that exists today.

Through fascinating lecture and spirited discussion, this one day workshop explores the Seven Hermetic Principles revealed in The Kybalion. Participants will learn how to grasp, understand and utilize their tremendous power. The course provides a basic understanding of metaphysics, and metaphysical thought. It is highly recommended for all new ISDTC members. This is a required course for ISDTC Ministerial Students.

Come ready to think, reflect, examine and discuss not only the Laws - but how YOU are a unique manifestation of these Universal Principles!

Location: ISDTC, co-located with Spark of the Divine, 1789 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach, FL 32960

ISDTC is seeking donated space in St. Lucie County and Sebastian, FL  for two hour study groups and mini services. Please contact us at or call 772-404-1352 if you can donate space and schedule. Thank you!!