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The Institute for Spiritual Development Treasure Coast offers many opportunities to get involved in your ISDTC Spiritual Home. Contact for more information or to sign up!

  • Membership
  • Volunteer Committee Opportunities
  • Donations In-Kind and Financial Support

We appreciate your volunteerism and want to make sure you are covered for your contributions! It is absolutely vital that all ISD volunteers be Current Members. You MUST be a member to be covered by ISD’s insurance policy when you serve as an usher or message bearer during Sunday service, reader at special events, serve as a board member, or heal at Sunday services.


Although you do not have to be a member to participate in ISDTC Services, Educational Courses Retreats and Events, by becoming a member, you Support your growing Spiritual Home on the Treasure Coast of Florida.

ISDTC Membership is offered to those who volunteer, regularly attend Sunday services and who wish to make ISDTC their Spiritual Home.  As a member, you will be given the opportunity to join like-minded people as you honor your personal spiritual beliefs, join committees and share your gifts, talents and knowledge. As a member, you will receive discounts when you attend classes, lectures, workshops, retreats and special invitations.

The first step to joining the Institute for Spiritual Development Treasure Coast (ISDTC) is to experience the Institute. Explore the ways that it fits into your life, and enriches your personal Spiritual Journey. Participate in a Sunday Service; join in the post-service Fellowship Hour; attend an ISDTC Study Group, special event or Message Circle; check out a class or a workshop.

Talk to people! Find out why they have chosen ISDTC as their spiritual community and want to participate in building the new charter of the Institute here on the Treasure Coast. We LOVE to talk metaphysics and spirituality, and many congregants have found ISDTC to be a place where they can share their spiritual experiences and ideas in a way that was just not possible anywhere else. ISDTC is a Spiritual Community — a place of growth, intellectual dialogue and of sanctuary. Members may claim an active role in cultivating growth, fellowship and sustainability by sharing their time, their talents and their resources for the continued advancement of our Spiritual Community, and those who seek its energizing and healing activities.

Review the Declaration of Principles. Since we are a non-denominational and non-dogmatic institute, you certainly don’t have to believe in all of them exactly as they are written, but you will get an idea of what we as a community hold dear to our collective heart.

Meet with Rev. Z. Melinda Witter, Beth Franks or the Board of Directors to share your reflections or ask your questions. Annual cost of membership is $45 for an individual, $60 for a family, and is renewed at the beginning of each year. We have several regular congregants who have chosen not to become members, which is just fine!  Everyone is welcome!

We have two expectations of those who have chosen membership in our Spiritual Community: One is that members pledge their financial support — in whatever amount feels comfortable. You can fulfill that pledge weekly, monthly or annually, and the amount you have pledged is never made public. The second requirement of membership is that the members share their service to the church as a member of one or more of ISDTC’s volunteer teams, like the ushers, or Fellowship coordinators.

We offer a discount for classes and events at ISDTC to members and thank members for their ongoing support for the Spiritual Community and Home.

If you choose to join, complete the Membership Form and the Pledge Form and sent via mail or email. We will email you the membership info, just Click on ‘Contact Us’ and let us know how we can contact you.

When you become a member, we encourage you to choose to serve in some capacity. Our ministers can help you determine where your interests and abilities can best be of service. Service is FUN at ISD.

For more information, speak with any of our ministers at the Sunday Service, or schedule an appointment with Rev. Z. Melinda Witter at for applications and pledge forms.


Click Here for Membership Application

Annual Single Membership: $45.00                           Annual Family Membership: $60.00


The Institute for Spiritual Development Treasure Coast (ISDTC) is a new charter under the Institute for Spiritual Development National. Therefore, as we grow our new spiritual home, there are many opportunities to contribute to your spiritual home through Volunteer Committee Opportunities. ISDTC is currently 100% Volunteer for services, study groups, education and events. ISDTC is a “We” Community, working together as a family and community.  Here is a sampling on how you can actively participate in this very spiritual cohesive community.

Standing Ministerial Committees:  

  1. A Healers Committee for the certification and scheduling of healers.
  2. An Ushers and Service Support Committee to set up, participate in the service for prayers and prosperity, provide needed items such as candles and decorations for all services.
  3. Minister of Music and Audio/Visual to develop ISDTC song book, schedule music, and manage audio/visual equipment for Sunday services or other special occasions.
  4. Education and Medium Committee for scheduling educational workshops, study groups, readers and spiritual mentors.

Standing Administrative Volunteer Opportunities:     

  1. Membership Committee to receive applications and annual fees for membership and present same to the Secretary.
  2. Ways and Means Committee to plan for fundraising, augmenting Institute funds subject to the approval of the Executive Board. This includes the goal of eventually ISDTC obtaining their own space or building for services and classes.
  3. Hospitality Committee to be responsible for hospitality at all Institute activities.
  4. Publicity and Outreach Committee to prepare all notices and reports of Institute activities for the media and to generate and disburse all literature pertaining to the Institute. This includes Website and Social Media outreach!
  5. Finance and Budget Committee, with the Treasurer as Chairperson, to oversee and manage all financial activities.


ISDTC is a newly formed charter Institute for the Treasure Coast. As we build our spiritual home, we appreciate donations to create our Treasure Coast spiritual home.

Current needs: ISDTC is seeking donated space in St. Lucie County and Sebastian, FL  for two hour study groups and mini services. Please contact us at or call 772-404-1352 if you can donate space and schedule. Thank you!!